Teatre “The doorman” (II)


There are many types of doors: very big ones, too small ones, ones that are square, round, ones that move, ones that are very difficult to open and, worse, the ones that are very difficult to close. Many doors, but only one Doorman.
The Doorman is about Nick. A young boy; curious about everything and afraid of very little, who is always looking for the next adventure. One day Nick finds more than he could have imagined when he meets The Doorman, the man with all the doors, and finds he is the middle of more adventures than he ever imagined or indeed wanted.
The Doorman, a figure both friendly and a little frightening, has every type of door, going anywhere you can imagine, and he shows Nick how to go through them. Nick finds that each door takes him on a different adventure, which of course he loves … until he’s had enough. How does he get back home?
The Doorman is a highly interactive, comic adventure story where the audience is directly involved in Nick’s adventures and actively helps him find his way back home. We have different versions for younger and for older primary school learners; each version with some different doors we go through.

Creació i direcció: Simon Devon
Música: Simon Devon
Producció: ETC
Vestuari: ETC

Calendari i Horari

Dia: 22 de maig

Horari 1a funció: 9.40h

Horari 2a funció: 11.10h

Horari 3a funció: 15.30h


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